Spoiling the Kids

With our arrival in Provo we began our long awaited reunion of my offspring. For about 45 minutes yesterday they were all in the same room! Too bad Batman was on an inspection in New Jersey and missed it. By the time we thought about taking a picture, half were ready for naps and the other half had to go to work. We are all going to church on Sunday to hear Kristin’s children’s choir sing for Fathers’ Day, so I have that to which to look forward. Remind me to get a picture…

I got to help Kristin get ready to go to Girls’ Camp, then I got to help Brandon with some costuming needs for Dreamcoat. They’re so independent that I get excited when they let me spoil them. 

Great news about the motorhome! Those palm-sized flakes of roof coating that were flapping and flying off the rig all the way from Florida were just a flaking coat of chemically incompatible paint slapped down by a previous owner. Eventually it will all fall off leaving the original roof in pretty good shape. All I’ll have to do is keep it clean!

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