Meet The Fellowship

Elrond: Nine companions. So be it. You shall be the fellowship of the ring.
Pippin: Great! Where are we going?

Jeff is a busy, professional engineer who spends most of his life stretched screamingly thin over work, home, and church commitments, earning him the eponym Batman. He is both the dad this family deserves, AND the one it needs. His personal philosophy is derived from “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Rebecca, who is never Becky, though it would rhyme better with Trekkie, is the Mother of Nerds. She happily geeks along with all of her children’s many fandoms, but left to her own devices, she breathes English literature, drinks history, snacks on murder mysteries, and carries an eternal torch of devotion for Johannes Gutenberg.

Dale is a film junkie. Bring on the trilogies, the franchises, and the midnight premieres. He knows his production designers from his cinematographers. It’s not enough to watch the film; we must discuss it. Especially “The Departed.” He blogs at dalejason.

Melanie is a crafty wench. Visit her Etsy store for knitted dolls of your favorite fandoms. She is of the Harry Potter generation, and the conclusion of that series left a gap that was filled in succession by Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural. Visit her blog here.

Jack loves Lego, monster trucks, and his guinea pigs Han Solo and Princess Leia (who are NOT going on the trip). Jack likes Pixar’s Cars movies and is excited that part of our journey will be on Route 66. Update: Princess Leia crossed the rainbow bridge on July 19, 2016. She will be missed.

Henry is a schnauzer of middling age and small stature. His fandoms include Suppertime, Naptime, and Going to the Park. He generally enjoys the camper, but finds himself deeply embarassed over the short haircut he has to wear for the summer.

New in 2016 is Legolas, a Maltese pup, and Melanie’s emotional support companion.

Emeritus Fellowship Members:
Brandon. A lifelong devotee of Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Brandon was the original road trip kid. He is retired from the circuit to go to school and geek out with his nerd goddess wife Ada.

Kristin. The best thing to have on a road trip–a reader, meaning someone to read aloud the latest Harry Potter book. This Kristin does sublimely. Now that HP is done, she has found her own Mr. Darcy, the next Doctor, Josh the Dungeon Master. Their marriage has made their nerdliness grow stronger. Their offspring will be premiering in 2016 and prefers the name Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

2 Responses to Meet The Fellowship

  1. I remember a day (circa 1990) that I made the mistake of calling you Becky. I think it took years for me to recover from that faux pas.

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