My favorite holiday because…

  1. (Click the link to see all the pictures.) Freedom is awesome!
  2. Thomas Jefferson is 1 through 8 of my top ten favorite presidents.
  3. All the family fun of thanksgiving, but with 5% of the work.
  4. I look great in red, white, AND blue.
  5. Epic America-themed playlists.
  6. Fireworks regulations in Idaho are, shall we say, highly non-intrusive, libertarian, even.
  7. The grass is so soft here. Sorry, Florida, you’ve really messed that up.
  8. Red, white, & blue Jell-O!
  9. Kids waving flags. That’s just good optics.
  10. We were all strangers in a strange land. This is how we show we are home.

Patriotic nail art

Starts those nerdlings young!

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