We are a big family having adventures with our three youngest kids before they grow up and leave us like the older two did. This summer we are going cross country with our motorhome and two small, loud dogs. We are parking near our married daughter awaiting the birth of our first grandbaby.


yeah, we’re a bit excited

Overall,we are making a large loop from our home in Tampa, Florida through I don’t know how many states. I could know how many. I just haven’t stopped to look at a map and count them. We are enjoying our kids and our kids enjoy many nerdly pursuits. No soccer moms or football dads for us (sigh). But we have been to a number of midnight book releases, movie premieres, fandom conventions, renaissance festivals, and viewing parties. It’s gotten to the point that anytime the family goes out, the whole enterprise (get it?) turns into a social event celebrating one or more geeky stimuli. A nerd fest, if you will. And now we’re taking it on the road.

5 Responses to About

  1. Angie Belitz says:

    Can’t wait to hear updates!!!

  2. Nancy Mikkelsen says:

    We sure would like you to come see us!

  3. Looking forward to your updates and pictures. I always loved going on road trips and have many memories of the Cracker Barrels and Howard Johnson’s!

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