Birthday on the Road

So Batman turned 50 today. He’s not hanging up the utility belt anytime soon, so we had to celebrate in transit. Birthday lunch at The Big Texan in Amarillo, complete with cowboy serenade, birthday steak coupon, a free hat, and perfect 72 degree weather. 

We put a message on the back of the towed vehicle.  It got us lots of honks and waves across north Texas & New Mexico, mostly from people with 50th birthday experience. 

Dale got to take a turn at the wheel of the Universal Space Bus.   

There was an impromptu dance party on I-40 when “Come On, Eileen” played on Batman’s Road Trip Playlist.   

We followed the signs to the Stuckey’s but nearly got stranded when we found the place burned to the ground and the turnaround blocked.   

We are ending the day north of Albuquerque watching the Lightning play Game 6 on the RV park cable. Chicago has scored every time I’ve left the RV. I’m grounded.  

Oh, dear. Game over.

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