Recovery Day

Batman took Jack into the city to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. And the American History Museum. And the Washington Monument. And the White House ellipse. Grandma & I stayed at the RV with the dog and watched the thunderstorms roll across the city. We rested our tired joints and treated Grandma’s blisters.


Our campsite overlooks one of the many playgrounds here at the park. Jack has been playing with the other kids from the other campsites. Kids visiting DC play differently, I’ve noticed. Tonight’s adventures included pretend British bombardment of a jungle gym standing in for Fort McHenry. Jack has given his stuffed animals tragic back stories involving war, loss, and military honors. Also, when he wears his new pilot’s bomber jacket, he speaks in a gruff, bossy voice and only answers to the call sign “Badger.”

I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow is my favorite holiday!

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