DC Tourists (from Wednesday)

I continue to be surprised by things I thought I knew, but now realize that I had no clue, like when my second child was born and I went to put the two kids in the car by myself. Whole new experience. This was one of those days. I have taken subways. I have taken kids on subways. Grandmas on subways…whole new experience.

Grandma was an absolute trooper and let Jack & me drag her on a city bus, two Metro trains, through Union Station, and on a Gray Line tour, which included a transfer to the Arlington Cemetery Tram. And then we did it all in reverse because we had to make our way back to the campground. But she got to see everything she really wanted to see. And Jack was perfectly awesome.




Then we came home. I made dinner, did laundry, and went grocery shopping with Batman. Why do DC grocery stores not allow you to take the cart to the parking lot? That’s both weird and inconvenient.

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