The Parting of the Ways

So for this week, our teenagers are at church camp in Virginia. I am down to ONE child, and I have ONE grandmother along to help. Suddenly, there is all this extra space, and quiet, and food! Jack enjoyed having all the adult attention. He and Dad played ping pong and pool in the game room and had a quick swim before lunch. Grandma took him to the camp store, where he spent his money on a whoopie cushion. Since then we have been subject to the full array of nine-year-old-boy gas-related humor. We are talking the wide, wide spectrum. The unabridged anthology. The director’s cut. The whole toot, and nothing but the toot.

Today was a rest day. All we did was check our kids into camp, and drive to a nearby town for prescription refills, RV porch light bulbs, and package shipping services. Here are the promised pictures of our campsite:





Meanwhile, we will spend tomorrow making our way to DC for Batman’s technical conference.

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