You Never Know What the Day Will Bring…



In the RV world, it is common to describe the on-board motion as a “constant state of earthquake.” Things come apart. One expects a cupboard door to fly open, or a handle to work loose. I did not expect to be on a highway in South Carolina and see my youngest son crawling towards me from the back bedroom clutching his chest.

“The window shade…the blinds and the whole frame…fell…off the wall…and landed… on my chest ”

Sure enough, the screws holding the blinds and frame had worked loose, and the whole assembly had come crashing down. A quick lunch stop at Walmart in Columbia, SC, for some washers, screws, and toothpicks. Then I brought out my carefully assembled tool kit. Electric drill, check. Wood glue, check. Pliers, hammer, drill bits. check.

And all of it repaired while we were rolling down I-77.


Other than that, it was just a long day in the Universal Space Bus. 495 miles to the KOA at Natural Bridge, Virginia, where we have a perfectly lovely spot with full hook-ups, cable, wifi, and a gorgeous wooden deck with a large gas grill, fire pit, and adirondack chairs. Really nice. Pictures tomorrow when the light is better.

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