Kindred Nerds

I had such fun last weekend watching my mom’s cousin’s daughter Bailey (my second cousin) hang out with my kids. Bailey has read all the same books and watched all the same movies that my kids have. But to qualify as an uber-nerd, like my nerdlings, one must ingest the books, absorb the movies, become the fandom. Remember the word fan is short for fanatic. Hello, Bailey! It was marvelous to hear one of them sing a word or phrase from Les Mis, only to be joined, word for blessed word, by a cousin they had just met. Bailey’s mom and dad are big nerds, too. Well, technically, her dad is a geek (see also, genius code monkey).

Bailey is even more passionate about her cause, which is raising money for research into her sister Emma’s disorder, Rett Syndrome. You can help by participating or donating to Bailey’s premiere event the Strollathon, coming up in September.


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