Keepin’ it real in the ABQ

Saturday’s highlights:

Posing for pictures at fandom locations, Melanie got a picture in Moriarty, NM. Dale and I were thrilled to visit filming locations from AMC’s power drama, “Breaking Bad,” now in its final season. We got to see the airport, the Crossroads Motel, and the car wash. I completely underestimated how excited I would be to see these places in reality. I really geeked out. And Batman was incredibly patient with us!

We spent Saturday night in Bloomfield, NM, at a park that had great bathrooms AND great wifi.Couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and lest I forget, I also experienced my first bout with hypothermia after exiting the 78 degree pool in the dry New Mexico wind, and entering the super-cooled camper. Sleepy, cranky, shivering, cognitively impaired… all the dwarves.




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