One Day More!

One day more and we will be on our way! Oh, joy! Rapture! I have gotten so much done over the past two days that my poor, old bones are crying out in shrill bursts of exhausted pain. Yesterday, I did the grocery shopping. It’s always cheaper to buy ahead of time, because it will cost more at the tiny convenience store or the big box store on the road (because of all the extra purchases).

Then I picked up the camper from the dealer. After a scrub, it was shining like new. We popped it up right in the driveway. Such a scandal, since the HOA will have cow if they spot it. I like to live on the edge, I guess. I installed the foam mats under the mattresses, which I hope will make a big difference. I had pre-cut them, so they slid in like butter. And I filled the water storage tank with disinfecting solution to soak overnight.

Today I drained and flushed the tank, which was every bit as glamorous as it sounds. We loaded everyone’s duffel bag, bedding, the ice cream maker, the 4th of July party box, the projector, the gaming system, the movie screen, a flag, the food box, and the dog crate on the floor of the camper. I took out my usual camping cookware and put in my two favorite regular cook pots. I will be cooking so much that I wanted my quality, regular cookware, knives, etc.

Batman had to go look at a train accident in Philadelphia, so part of my day involved getting him to the airport. We will pick him up at the airport in Gulfport (576 miles) tomorrow evening, after which we will visit Denise and Lily, two of our favorite people.j

I am up way, way too late, especially since we need such an early start. But the Funvee and the Death Star are loaded and ready to roll. Melanie packed up some of her knitted dolls. Don’t they look ready for adventure?!?


Special thanks to Samuel and his entire family for agreeing to board the guinea pigs. They will have so much fun at your house!

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