Nine Days to Departure

In order to be considered an epic, a story must have a journey. It must also have preparations for the journey. Judging solely by the preparations required this week, I think we will safely qualify as epic.

Done today:

took the camper (the Death Star) to the dealer for safety check and minor repairs
took the tow vehicle (2009 Ford Expedition, geek designation TBD) in for safety check
cleaned DS3’s room in order to find various trip necessities
5 loads of laundry
called camper dealer twice more to add forgotten issues needing attention
practiced a camping recipe (ham & pineapple kabobs)
bought plane ticket for DS2 to break from vacation to attend Jamboree
touched base with some of the dear people we want to visit
chose a theme song for the trip, which took 4 rounds of voting over the course of a week

We have done these road trips a number of times, and each time we pick a song to play whenever we start out on the road, first thing every morning, and after every rest break. So it has to be a great song, something that makes you want to dance in your seat every time you hear it. It can’t be too long or too repetitive (I’m looking at you Carly Rae, Billy Ray, Bieber Ray). And in our family, it must have parts that we can all sing, so that if we accidentally break into song somewhere outside the car, we sound AMAZING! Past honorees have included “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “Soak Up the Sun,” and “Life Is a Highway.” Oh, and it has to be clean, which really puts a crimp in the ol’ AC/DC.

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