Online Shopping and List of Lists

Things I checked off the To Do list today:
Ordered birthday present for DH (Saturday!)
Ordered toddler mat interlocking flooring to put under pop-up (pup) weak mattresses
Ordered solar USB charger for DS2 to take to Boy Scout Jamboree
Ordered flags and decorations for 4th of July bash at Challis Hot Springs
Had a 2 week post-op visit with my surgeon (ugh, more on that later)
And regular boring stuff.

So I am gathering all my lists. I make lists of impressive length and detail. There are those who also say that I overpack. Maybe. But these are the same folks who are coming to me 45 minutes into the trip asking for tylenol, duct tape, mallet, badger traps, what have you. And now I give you,

The List of Lists

Per Person
Work to be Done on the Camper
In Car Must Haves
Emergency Car Kit
Comfort Kit
Dog Needs
Would be Nice
Travel Budget
Itinerary Planning
Menu Plan
Stock Up On
Pre Trip To Do
Jamboree To Do
Homeschool Materials
People to Visit
Places of Interest on Route
Gifts and Event Needs

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2 Responses to Online Shopping and List of Lists

  1. Mindy Swain says:

    And I thought I was the only one who packed badger traps. I, too, am, what people call, an “overpacker”. I call it being prepared. Funny how, when I have something they need, suddenly my “overpacking” wasn’t such a bad idea.

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