Weeping Muscles

Nothing nerdy happening here today, folks. Just unspeakably difficult work. Batman is still without use of his arm, so to distract him, I sent him to watch Jack ride roller coasters. Mom came out to be my ground support, and I spent 3.5 hours on the RV roof in 95 degree heat. At only 67%, Missouri’s humidity did not reach full Floridian suffocation levels. However, it was sufficient to induce heat exhaustion, also muscle exhaustion, sunlight overload, white (paint) line fever, and severe hat hair. Of all the impossible things I’ve done, this was the “impossible-est.” Nevertheless, I persisted. 

After. Sorry that it’s blurry. I took it from the top of the ladder as I was descending. Also I was crying, but gross crying without any liquid discharge because I was so dehydrated.


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