One Day More

Packing and scheduling are much more serious when you’re preparing for a celestial convergence (the name of my next band). It’s so different knowing we’ll only be gone for 15 days, instead of 3 months like last year.

One snag has emerged that we will have to deal with upon arrival in Kansas City. The last washing of the roof revealed that most of the protective top layer has worn away. We will be doing a roof re-seal project starting Thursday. 

This year we have parked the USB at a local RV park while we packed and prepped. This strategy has yielded two benefits:  ample opportunity to retrieve anything forgotten, and the ability to leave directly from the park, without having to park on our street packing for several hours. Plus I get to start my vacation 3 days early. That’s a small joke. FYI, cleaning an RV roof is not vacation. 

Batman had elbow surgery on the 28th. He can still drive, but no climbing!

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