Sister Time!

We have been in Boise enjoying time with my mom and my sister’s family. My four nieces are the sweetest! Then my baby brother came up with his darling wife and daughter. Yay! A fifth niece to play with all weekend! Today we ran off and got mani-pedis. We followed that with thrift store shopping where we bought Monopoly Jr.

Then we HAD to teach the nieces the glories of capital acquisition. When they felt sorry for one player and tried to contribute from their cash to help, I lovingly explained that running out of money was part of the game and wealth sharing interfered with the natural progression of gameplay. They were still so cute comforting each other through their financial crises.

Other weekend fun-having:
Singing around the fire
Muppet Treasure Island
Lego Movie
Wet Parade of Eagle, Idaho
Church together
Eric’s birthday at El Mariachi Loco
Sidewalk chalk
Slumber party in the USB

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