Our First Day Rolling

We made it to Forsyth, Georgia, today. 367 miles. Batman did most of the driving, but I got a short stretch at the wheel. Henry spent that part on Grandma’s lap. It feels just amazing to finally be on the road.

I feel excited to see the results of all my planning. I can’t wait for the next meal or activity or need to arise, just so I can see if I really did pack EVERYTHING I need. So far, so good. The fact that some people forgot pajamas is beside the point, and probably not my fault.

We pulled out of the neighborhood around noon, and got to our campsite around 7:15. We stopped at a rest area and made turkey sandwiches and tomato cucumber salad. For dinner, I made pork chops with cream sauce and coleslaw, while Batman took the kids and Grandma swimming.

It was a beautiful evening, as I walked Henry around the campground. There were fireflies! The breeze was making whooshing noises through the trees and there were at least three different frogs singing. The single most pleasant trip to the dumpster that I have ever had.


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