Back in the Shop

The Universal Space Bus is getting its final prep before the Big Trip. The nice folks at Alliance Coach in Wildwood are checking the brake lights after the hitch work they did 3 weeks ago. “Hitch work” means having tow equipment installed on the RV and on the tow vehicle, aka “toad.” Yes, I let them drill holes in the frame of my Enterprise (09 Ford Flex Limited).

The family spent all last week living in the USB while attending Cub Scout Day Camp during the day. We learned a lot:

How to keep cool running only 1 AC at a time.
How to cook outside as much as possible to keep the dampness out
How to check the fuses
How to sleep on the couch and let Meema have the bed!
How to find the best armadillo holes to dig out (actually, that was just Henry, video later)
How to run to the dump station after dark to empty tanks
How to find RV parks with sewer hookups so I don’t have to run to the dump station after dark
How to sleep in the waiting room at Alliance


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