Things for Which to Be Grateful

You guys, last night I slept in a bed. This morning I bathed in a tub. I washed my clothes in a high-efficiency washer and dryer. Yes, I have arrived safely, almost blissfully, at my sister’s in Kansas City. My mom’s house also had a washer and dryer, and I was grateful then, too. But she only had the one tub, so I felt guilty thinking about taking a long soak therein.

The biggest change is the bed. For this week, we are not based out of the Death Star, but out of my sister’s guest room. Where there is not a camper bunk, but a twin bed. With a real mattress. Sigh.

Best of all I get to hang out with my brilliant niece (Star Wars nut), my charming nephew (Lord of the Rings fan), my talented and geeky brother-in-law, and my sweet sister, avid reader of YA fiction. For them I am beyond grateful.

Memorable quote of the day:

Jack: So Jackson and I were playing baseball. We did some catching and pitching and crying. I’m just kidding, guys. There’s no crying in baseball. (Tom Hanks geek point!)



Another tiny adventure…Last night we were zipping through some local neighborhoods to pick up the niece from her activity. Brother-in-law driving, sister in shotgun, me in the back. We had a navigational discrepancy between the two smartphones searching for the destination address. It sparked quite the discussion. We need a word for this type of disagreement. Not that it matters…

but I was right.

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