Three Weeks on the Road

Today marks the 21st day of our trip, the half-way point, if you will. Another three weeks will find us home, or quite close thereunto. I still have a to-do list, since we are making another long haul tomorrow.

laundry (grateful for Mom’s washer & dryer!)
hair color (class reunion on Friday!)
attach solar covers to camper with velcro
wait for Jack to get home from fishing with the guys
wash fish smell off of Jack
clean camper
pack up for tomorrow’s departure

Yesterday I got to get a pedicure and go antiquing with my mom. Three of my favorite things. Also I want to send a thank-you to my sister-in-law Kasey for giving me the cutest almost-two-year-old niece. Thanks for letting us nerd her up yesterday. Now she only answers to Princess Leah.

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