Rude Canadians?


This is a photo of our campsite on our first night in Provo. The Death Star is just visible on the right. The camper in the center of the photo belongs to some Canadians and has a feature called a slide-out, where part of the camper bubbles out. As an RV-er, you have a duty to place your camper, including slide-outs, so that it does not obstruct shared utilities. Please note in the bottom center of the photo, the shared water utility, accessible only by crawling under their RV.

Also just to the right of the slide-out is the electrical box. It’s cover was only able to open 30 of its 180 available degrees, before striking their RV. Naturally, they had already plugged into the outlet on the opposite side.

Rudest thing I have ever seen at an RV park. Poor Canada.

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