Escape from the Heat


This morning Melanie got to visit America’s oldest yarn shop, Heindselman’s Needlecraft. The object of her quest was dwarf hair for the Hobbit series she is starting. Thorin Oakenshield appeared by the end of the day. A link to her blog appears to the right.

We spent a pleasant afternoon in West Jordan with Brother of Batman’s family. My nieces and nephew are so fun. We ordered pizza and did patriotic nail art for the girls. It was kind of them to take us in so we could escape the excessive heat of the unshaded camper.


The kids did more movies and gaming this evening with Kristin & Josh, as well as with our extra son Will, who speaks badger. The only distressing part of our day was some bad news from home. One of the kids from my early morning seminary class was seriously injured in a skateboarding accident today. He is in the hospital with bleeding in his brain. We are keeping Liam in our prayers.

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