Much Ado in Provo

We spent this incredibly hot day visiting with long lost Fellowshippers. Brandon and Ada joined us for lunch at In N Out Burger, a must-stop when in Utah, and Monsters University, the traditional Pixar kick-off to our vacation.

Then, as requested, I left the three youngest with their older sister for “movie night.” Toy Story? Indiana Jones? Any other normal kid/teen appeal adventure comedy? Nope. Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Still no luck getting the fridge to keep its cool, and I completely lost my cool when I realized that I forgot to restock the cooler with ice and wrecked another $20 worth of food. Also the remote temperature sensor from WalMart does not communicate as remotely as advertised. As in, the sensor must be touching the readout unit to communicate. However, the readout unit was useful in that it let me know that the camper interior reached 95 degrees with the AC going full blast. That tends to happen when we have no shade. Still, it’s nice to have some objective data.

The three-bucket laundry system from Pinterest is working surprisingly well. I don’t know that it would work quite so well in a more humid climate. The liquid detergent is a hundred times easier than the powder. You can really tell it’s working because the wash water is gray and gross! I am running out of bungee cords on which to hang the wash.

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