Paris, Texas, Just Past Detroit & Reno, really

Deep in the heart of Texas…is not where we are right now. We are in Texas, but just barely. We are in an RV camp just north of Paris, Texas, in the northeast corner of the state. We will not be in Amarillo by morning, but perhaps by early afternoon.
Today’s adventures included crossing the Mississippi River at Vicksburg, adding Texas to our sticker map on the side of the camper, and committing a comedy of errors while trying to get lunch at Subway and keep track of the dog at the same time. Our biggest misfortune today was that the propane burner for the travel fridge went out somtime during the first three hour haul, and all the food in it was spoiled. So first thing tomorrow it’s back to Wal Mart to replace the food. Gr. Of course, that’s after we get the fridge checked by an RV mechanic.

Stuff I forgot that I also forgot to put on the forgotten list last night:

gallon ziploc of homemade beef jerky left in the freezer
Audubon guide to North American birds
travel Boggle (I’m in Texas. Peggy Hill could be next door!)

Biggest thrill of the day: passing through West Monroe, Louisiana, home of the Duck Dynasty program on A&E.

Second biggest thrill of the day: watching a lady coming towards us on a four lane blacktop because she was driving down the wrong side of the road!

Unexpected moment of sweetness: While listening to FoxNews on SiriusXM, Megyn Kelley was delivering a story on how the Girl Scouts are in financial difficulties. She ended by singing just the first line of the Girl Scout Friendship Song (always sung in a round).

Make new friends, but keep the o-old.

And I could not stop myself from finishing the song quietly, almost to myself.

One is silver, and the other’s gold.

And because most of the song was going on in my head, I heard hundreds of voices echoing through the years, picking up the parts of the round. I welled up a bit, temporarily overwhelmed by memories left untouched for decades. My brownie troop meeting the the church basement on 2nd Street. Around the flagpole at Cha’ Pa Creek. Around the fire with other camp counselors at Elk Creek Camp. So many sweet friends, and so many pleasant outdoor memories. I would never have had the courage to even begin this journey if not for those early adventures. Thanks, Mom and Miss Monica, too!

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