Bring Your Own Cup

Slurpees from 7-11 are the game fuel of the Nerdfest. 

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Around the Universal Space Bus

We’ve had such fun visiting with friends, watching Olympics, and not driving anywhere!

dog-friendly pillow fort

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Kool-Aid Days

Kool-Aid was invented in my hometown of Hastings, Nebraska, in 1927. Here is the annual festival of celebration!

waiting for the parade

the. Runza float

oh yeaahhh!!! the Kool-Aid Man!!

all the Kool-Aid you can drink, free with a $2 refill mug

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Burnt Ends, Y’all!!!

God bless the great state of Kansas City for this, their greatest contribution to civilization!

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One Week Down

We are enjoying a lovely visit with my sister & her family. This is why we bought the RV–so we could have long conversations, and cook for each other, and argue about what to put on hot dogs, and sing old, silly songs, and catch lightning bugs, and hug babies, and just sit on the deck and breathe. 

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Nebraska, the Good Life

Friday’s travel of 348 miles ended in Denton, Nebraska, for Saturday’s  annual family reunion at the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center. Thanks a billion to the Thody family for providing parking and electric for the Universal Space Bus. Also, I hereby announce that Tyler Thody is the Everlasting, All-Powerful, Popcorn-Making Wizard. If you have enjoyed his popcorn by the campfire, you have experienced salty, buttery popcorn nirvana.

This morning we hitched up and traveled to Kansas City, Missouri,–a trifling 209 miles– for a stay at Worlds of Fun Village and a nice visit with my sister and her kids and grandkids.


Jack reading to the first-cousins-once-removed-but-still-extremely-cute

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Big River

We ended Day 2 at Hannibal, Missouri, so we’d have time to see the Mark Twain Museum. To set the tone, we listened to Huck Finn, unabridged, read by Elijah Wood. The language bothered more than I remembered, but it is an important book. We respect the truth of its message by leaving it as the author wrote it. 

 A lovely, large storm rolled over us after dark, but we were snug and safe.  567 miles today. 578 yesterday, if that matters. 

crossing the Mississippi

sleepy copilot with two sleepy companions

local radar

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Rolling…Day 1

The Nerdfest is finally back on the move, with a rather late start to this annual summer event. I am the lone pilot on this leg of the voyage. We waved goodbye to Batman and Dale, who will join us later on. After a quick farewell breakfast with my brother and his dear Bill, we hit the road. For 20 minutes. To get to my RV shop to fix the busted turn signal on the towed car. Despite losing 2.5 hours there (no charge!) (and we got propane!), we made it past Birmingham, Alabama. It was my first time overnighting at a Walmart. Color me pleasantly surprised. It was easy, convenient, and fairly quiet. 

The hardest part of the day was dealing with my own anxieties. Many of my fears are reasonable and commensurate with the large responsibility of driving a big motorhome long distances. Let’s just leave it by describing my feelings as mostly careful with a 50% chance of occasional, locally heavy terrified. 

sunset over Alabama

pumping my own diesel at the truck stop

hugs & McBreakfast

the farewell selfie

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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!



Pop that foot!

Last night was the book release for “Cursed Child.” First, we must get ready….

Photo opportunities…

Receiving our lovely book…

Thank you, JK, for helping us raise some amazing nerdlings!

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Home At Last!!

By driving through 2 of 3 nights, we made it home Monday noon instead of Wednesday night. The USB is parked & waiting for the trip to Lincoln in September to see BYU at Nebraska. Go Big Red! 

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